Delete Key

At the end of this July, a record of your completed or cancelled interlibrary loan (ILL) request history dating from June 2021 and earlier will be deleted. We are following the Graduate Center Library’s lead in deleting patron records to preserve your privacy. The Guardian (January 13, 2016, “You are not what you read”) covered the Graduate Center’s work and the work of libraries in general in maintaining patron privacy. 

Unlike our book circulation system which interfaces with “OneSearch”, our ILL system maintains patron records indefinitely without our intervention. Starting this year, we will be deleting past ILL request histories and maintain the most recent year’s requests. If you would like to save your request history before we delete it, please log into your ILL account using your John Jay email login credentials. Click on the request history tab, select all text, then copy and paste your history into an application of your choice. You can also email before July 21, 2022 for a spreadsheet of your requests.


Karen Okamoto

Delete key image from Wikimedia Commons

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Delete Key