Printing, Scanning, and Copying


Printing is available for all Library computers.

Printers are located in the Reserve Room on the lower level and near the computers on the upper level.

An Anytime Printing station is located at the Library's entrance. Students can use a nearby computer to retrieve a document and print it out even when the Library is closed.

Printers are also available in other computer labs and at EZprint mobile stations.

How do I print?

After sending a document to print from a library computer, a popup on your screen will ask you to log in with your John Jay ID and password, the same you use for your email.

Then go to a Print Release Station (located next to the printers) and enter the same ID and password. Select the "Print" button next to the document(s) you want to print out. The document should then print out. 

Wifi printing

You can print over wifi to EZprint stations using your own laptop. How to print wirelessly »

Printing costs
  • Black/white:
    • 5¢ per page single-sided
    • 7¢ per page double-sided
  • Color: 25¢ per page

Check your balance on JayPrint. At the beginning of the semester, each current John Jay student is given $20 in printing credit.

To add more money to your printing account, use the machine in the Reserve Room (which accepts only $1, $5, $10 bills). How to add funds (PDF) »

Guest printing

Guest printing is available for visitors. How to set up a guest printing account »


Request printing refunds on JayPrint.


Scanners are located in the Reserve Room on the Library's lower level and near the Law Reference section on the upper level.

You can email scanned files, print them, and/or save them to your USB drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Students may only use the scanners for limited periods of time when the Library is busy.

Scanning costs

Scanning is free. Note that individuals should never scan or copy a complete book, as that would be a copyright infringement. What you can photocopy and scan »


Make your scanned PDFs full-text searchable (using OCR) at the Accessibility computer, located near the scanners upstairs. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and select "Enhance PDF > Recognize Text > In this file."


Photocopiers are located in the back of the Reserve Room on the lower level and near the computers on the upper level. Copying is available in black/white only. (To make a copy in color, scan the document in color and then print in color.)

Photocopying costs:
  • 15¢ per page single-sided
  • 30¢ per page double-sided

Copiers accept coins and bills only. Copiers are not connected to printing accounts.