Request library classes

Based on faculty librarian availability, we will do our best to accommodate teaching requests for the following courses:

  • Undergraduate: ENG 101, FOR 402, ICJ 310, HIS 240, HJS 315, LIT 300, PAD 241, PSY 311, SSC 325
  • Graduate: CRJ 715, ICJ 715, PAD 715, PSY 715, Thesis prospectus seminars
  • We ask that FYS faculty encourage their students to attend our regular community hour workshops and encourage their students to attend Weeks of Welcome activities that we co-organize with the First Year Experience program.
  • ENG 101 faculty are welcome to request a full-period library session for their course. ENG 101 sessions introduce first-year students to the basic principles of college-level research. 
  • For 200- and 300-level major-specific courses that require the completion of an extensive research project, we will make every effort to accommodate the class in our instruction program.

For other courses, we offer supplemental forms of instruction and encourage the use of our in-house developed library tutorials as part of your lesson planning. Faculty who teach online may request an embedded librarian.

We kindly request that faculty get to know the Library Instruction Policy before placing a request.

Library instruction policy

Placing a request

As early in the semester as possible, or at least two weeks prior to the anticipated class, please fill out the

request for online instruction.

Timing of library instruction

The effectiveness of library instruction depends in part on timing. Students benefit most when library sessions are course-integrated and scheduled to coincide with a research assignment. If the session is scheduled too early, students will not retain what they have learned. If the session is scheduled too late, students will not have enough time to master the research skills they need to complete an assignment.

For the above reasons, we do not usually offer library instruction during the first two weeks of the term. We request that ENG 101 classes be scheduled in the first twelve weeks of the semester. All other classes must take place during the first ten weeks of the semester. Later requests will be considered case by case. Depending on the course’s research component, we may suggest supplemental forms of instruction »

Please note that we can only accommodate classes in the library classroom during the times the library is open. Due to limited staffing, weekend library instruction will be limited to 45-min sessions. Library facilities are not normally made available for for-fee training.

Finalizing arrangements

After your request for library session is received and processed, you and the assigned librarian will both receive a message that confirms the date and time of the session. Please communicate with the teaching librarian directly to discuss the details of the session.

We request that you share all necessary information (syllabus, assignment, research topics) with the librarian at least one week prior to the class meeting.

Research assignment

Library sessions are most effective when they are directly related to a specific assignment. When requesting a session, please provide a copy of your syllabus and a detailed description of the project your students will be working on, including a list of potential topics.

Before meeting with the librarian, please inform your students about the session's relevance to their coursework and the research assignment in particular.

Mandatory faculty attendance

Faculty must attend the session and remain in the classroom the entire time.

Teaching faculty's presence and participation make it clear to students that library instruction is an integral part of their course. Students are more engaged if their professor adds comments or questions during the session. During the hands-on portion of class (if there is one), faculty may be asked to assist the librarian.