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Request online library instruction

If you teach an online-only or hybrid course, a librarian can join you in a virtual session to provide instruction covering library research skills. Please note that this Fall as we continue remote teaching, we will be offering 30 minute class visits via Zoom or Blackboard (or another platform you may be using). Please be sure you enable the librarian as co-presenter in whatever platform you use (and be sure you know how to do this in advance) so they can share their screens if warranted. Since it is not pedagogically feasible to cover too much in one session, you should consider which two or three skills will be most relevant and useful to your students given their current assignment and consult with the librarian prior to the session about this.

In the form below, please be sure to explicitly state whether you are requesting that a librarian visit your virtual class (30-minute session) or whether you prefer to independently share information with your students based on specific skill-building resources suggested by a librarian.

Instruction requests must be placed a minimum of 10 days in advance of the session.


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We will do our best to accommodate interested faculty. Once you submit this form, we will get in touch with you within a week to set up a plan of action and determine what would be most effective and engaging for your students. We look forward to working with you! —John Jay Library Faculty
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