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Book delivery service for online students

Students enrolled in John Jay Online BS or Master's degree programs may now request home delivery of circulating books held by the John Jay College Library.

  • Each semester, John Jay Online students who live outside the New York City metropolitan area can check out up to 10 John Jay-owned books.
  • Book delivery may take up to 3 weeks.
  • Books will be sent to the student for free. The student must cover return postage charges with tracking.

Psst... Can't wait for book delivery? Use the library's ebooks!

John Jay Online students have immediate & free access to the Library's ebooks. Here's how to find and download ebooks.

We recommend relying on our extensive ebook collections during your time in your John Jay Online program. But if you find a printed book in our catalog that is highly relevant to your research, and if you can wait up to 3 weeks for the book to be delivered to your home, our book delivery service may fit your needs.


Who can use the book delivery service?

Students who are enrolled in an online John Jay degree-granting program and who do not live in the New York City metropolitan area can have books delivered to their residence.


How do I place a request?

First, sign up for ILL (InterLibrary Loan). Log in with your John Jay email username and password.

Next, you'll be asked to fill out the ILL registration form. Be sure to mark your Status as Graduate (John Jay Online), even if you are a BS student, so we can verify that you are a John Jay Online student to confirm your account creation.

Once we have verified your account, you'll be able to request books through ILL. 

If you are unable to log in, contact the Technology Help Desk at 212-237-8200 or HelpDesk@jjay.cuny.edu


Which books can I check out?

You may request circulating books (those listed as in the Stacks) that are owned by the John Jay Library and unavailable as ebooks.

To find a book or ebook, search for the title or author in OneSearch. (See our How to find books video.) Books listed as "Available" with the location "Stacks" can be sent to you.

Note that many books may be available online: the Library owns many academic ebooks and has digitized hundreds of rare books. You can narrow down OneSearch results to show you books & articles available online by using the "Availability: Full text online" limiter.


Can I get journal articles delivered?

The Library has a collection of over 82,000 periodicals that are available online to all students from anywhere. Almost all of your needs can be met instantly through these online journals. (See our How to find articles video.)

If you do come across a necessary article that is not available online, you may request that the article be copied and uploaded to your ILL account for a 30-day period.


How long will it take for the requested book to get to me?

It depends on your location. After your request is submitted and approved, we will send the book via the US Postal Service (USPS). Please note that USPS delivery times vary. You should expect the book to arrive within 2-3 weeks.


Do you ship outside the US?

Yes, we will ship internationally. Depending on where you live, you might have to pay import taxes for the book. Please contact your local postal service for further information.  


How long can I keep the book?

From the time we send the book, you'll have 4 weeks to return the book before its due date. The item must be received by the Library on or before its due date. If needed, you may be able to extend the loan period for the book.


How can I extend the loan period for the book?

Log into ILL and click on the title you would like to renew. There should be a renewal button associated with the title. You can renew twice, as long as no one else has requested or recalled the book.


How do I send the book back?

We will provide an address label to attach to the envelope, which can be reused. You'll have to take the envelope to the post office to purchase postage. You are required to request a tracking number from the post office and and provide us with the tracking number as proof of postage. Students are responsible for book replacement fees if items are lost in the mail.


What if my book is overdue?

You will receive an email alert as the book due date nears and again if the item becomes overdue. You may want to renew the book as soon as possible (two renewals maximum) so you don't keep incurring late fees. You must renew through your interlibrary loan account. If you’re having trouble renewing, email interlibrary loan at libill@jjay.cuny.edu.

When we get the book back, we will let you know what your late fee balance is and to which mailing address to send money order (personal checks not accepted). Please note that balances totaling over $5 block you from checking out any other Library materials, and balances totaling over $10 block you from registering for classes.


Can on-campus students use the book delivery service?

At this time, the service is only available to John Jay Online students who do not live in the New York City metro area.


Can I visit the Library in person?

Any member of the John Jay community with a valid ID card can visit the Library. We welcome online students!

Updated September 2019